A Journey Through Life

Let the sun shine brightly Let there be happiness and joy Let the ocean roar in laughter Let the mind roam in the sky Let the birds sing their song Let the nature make Earth beautiful Let the wind show her might Let the child clap in delight Let the butterfly kiss the flowers Let everyone smile

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Still I Have Not Learnt

I fought from the mountain top
I kissed the bottom of the ocean
I killed over and over again
I am still thirsty, perhaps even more

I painted humanity over blood red canvas
I cursed my own footsteps
I always raised the white flag
I still carry the gun

I died a million times
I prayed for the bereaved souls
I have seen inconceivable sorrow
I reasoned all, with a just cause

I tore off my ego
I carried pride in my arms
I preached meaninglessness of war
I kept fighting on

I dug the graves of my dear ones
I glorified my own epitaph
I ravaged land and sea
I again sprang back to life

Still I have not learnt !


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