A Journey Through Life

Let the sun shine brightly Let there be happiness and joy Let the ocean roar in laughter Let the mind roam in the sky Let the birds sing their song Let the nature make Earth beautiful Let the wind show her might Let the child clap in delight Let the butterfly kiss the flowers Let everyone smile

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A day in memory

Dawn chariots with golden spear
Mystic clouds blossom in the sky
Diamonds sparkle on the grass
Shadows play through winding roads

A butterfly gliding in the wind
Waves dancing in the heart of ocean
Gentle kiss of the breeze
Sun sets sail over the horizon

Glittering pearls in twilight trail
Singing birds on dancing trees
Light and darkness hide and seek
A distant beetle echoes in the air

Calm and quiet in fear and fright
Seen unseen through unknown eyes
Wind whirls a lashing whip
Darkness laughter in phantom silence


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