A Journey Through Life

Let the sun shine brightly Let there be happiness and joy Let the ocean roar in laughter Let the mind roam in the sky Let the birds sing their song Let the nature make Earth beautiful Let the wind show her might Let the child clap in delight Let the butterfly kiss the flowers Let everyone smile

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I am walking down the memory lane
In search of those lost days
Do you remember me that we have seen
Twinkling stars in the horizon.

Ocean roaring in laughter
Sparkling pearls in your smile
I was dreaming dreams
Over the midnight sky.

Now that I am passing by the lamppost light
I see the same winding road
A little baby staring at me
Lost in thoughts along with time.

I remember those days
A traveler in time, life passing bye...........


Blogger Nb said...

nice realisation....very touchy...

2:43 AM  

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