A Journey Through Life

Let the sun shine brightly Let there be happiness and joy Let the ocean roar in laughter Let the mind roam in the sky Let the birds sing their song Let the nature make Earth beautiful Let the wind show her might Let the child clap in delight Let the butterfly kiss the flowers Let everyone smile

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pearls in eyes

Pearls dripping from innocent eyes
I know not why they cry
Snarling crowd passing by
Did anybody smile ?

There the beggar with the bowl
Air that fills his thirst
Oh ! The children, grim and thin
Where have you lost your fairy queen ?

Here comes the people, kicking dust out of the way
Placards, shouts echo through the lane
Education casts a magic spell
Where have all the noble men gone ?

The bright blue sky the dancing birds cry
Empty buckets catch no pleasure
In the flashing neon the signboard girl smiles
I wonder where the dreams hide ?

The throbbing soul on a single stick
Twilight trails the setting sun
Phantom pearls hide and seek
Sound of silence echo in the air.


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