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Monday, September 03, 2012

Photography Tips - Basic Framing Techniques

Ø  Frame, adjust zoom, pause 2 to 3 sec before releasing shutter. On the view finder imagine that you are looking at the final print out picture. Readjust frame if required.
Ø  Try to visualize a picture then frame it & shoot. Don’t take pictures for the sake of taking it.
Ø  Observe various photographs, take notes, photography is an art, explore it.
Ø  Positioning & timing are important aspects of photography.
Ø  Always try to take natural shots, speak with your subjects if possible and assure your subjects to be comfortable.
Ø  In case of framing friends, known people, set the positions as per your need. Try to have control of the subjects in your frame.
Ø  In case of group photo instead of making people stand in the same line, break it into 2 or more rows.
Ø  Take multiple shots at least 3 to 4 snaps to be sure that no eyes are shut.
Ø  Avoid taking same shots of the same subject in same position over & over again. Try to capture different moments & different positions.
Ø  If a group has to be shot in a single line try to shoot in a diagonal angle.
Ø  In case of portraits more than 2/3rd of the frame should be covered by subject. Check the best possible angle and dress setup.
Ø  Wherever possible try center framing depending on the subject. In case of framing a subject in motion either leave some space in front or backwards to the direction of the subject motion.
Ø  Try different angles.
Ø  While framing 2 people specially man & a woman try to make one person sit while the other standing.
Ø  Try to picture a crowd from top view, it gives an impression of extended viewing effect.
Ø  Background of the subject is very important.
Ø  Avoid unnecessary & undesirable foreground, try to frame a subject relatively closer, use zoom.
Ø  Picture must carry a message or exhibit expression. A picture which doesn’t evoke any emotion is a wasted shot.


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